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diablo2_pvp's Journal

D2 pkers
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This community is still under contruction.
Eventually, the purpose of this community will be a place to challenge others in your realm, brag about past victories, and hopefully to encourage friendly competition.

Join if you like.
1.10 patch, amazons, andariel, annihilus, assassin, assassins, baal, baal's eye, barbarian, barbarians, bone necro, botd, charge pally, cow king, deckard cain, diablo, diablo 2, diablo 2 lod, diablo ii, diablo's horn, diablo2, druid, druids, duriel, enigma, foher, forgotten sands, furnace of pain, hammerdin, hellfire torch, hellforge, horadric cube, hoto, izual, jabbazon, key of destruction, key of hate, key of terror, ladder, lilith, matron's den, mephisto, mephisto's brain, mf, mfing, necromancer, necromancers, paladins, pindleskin, rushing, soceresses, soj, standard of heroes, trapper, uber tristram, uber-diablo, wind druid, ww barb